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South Central Family Practice Clinic

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When you’re getting your child ready for the school year, school physicals are typically required for all students. Gladys Bailon, MD, and the team at South Central Family Practice Clinic in Soldotna, Alaska, provide school physicals to make sure your child is healthy and ready for school. To schedule your child’s appointment, call the practice or use the convenient online booking tool today.

School Physicals Q & A

Who needs school physicals?

School physicals are usually required from every student to make sure they begin the school year healthy.

A school physical ensures that your child is: Experiencing healthy development Up-to-date on all immunizations Free from infections Seeing and hearing well Getting the right treatment for chronic conditions

A school physical at South Central Family Practice Clinic also allows your child to participate in school sports.

Should I bring anything to my child's school physical?

If your child’s school or sports program requires you to have forms filled out, you should have those completed when you come in for the appointment. As you continue to come to South Central Family Practice Clinic for yearly exams, your records stay on file, making it easy to pull up your medical history on a yearly basis. This also helps your doctor monitor any changes in your health.

What happens at a school physical?

When your child sees the team at South Central Family Practice Clinic for a school physical, your doctor performs a thorough exam to check the following:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Cholesterol
  • Balance
  • Reflexes
  • Eyes, ears, nose, and throat Lungs

If your child has a history of any illnesses, your doctor might draw blood to be sent to the lab to check for conditions such as anemia or other health issues. If your child is a teenager, your doctor might ask questions about alcohol use, smoking, drug abuse, and depression.

You can be confident that your child will receive the highest quality of care at South Central Family Practice Clinic.

How often does my child need to have a school physical?

School systems typically require comprehensive school physicals for students before each new school year starts or before your child transfers to a new school. South Central Family Practice Clinic performs school physicals that work with your child’s annual wellness exam, so you can schedule them both in one visit.

If your child is behind on certain vaccinations or needs additional physical screenings later on for sports programs, then additional visits might be required.

Your doctor works with you to ensure that your child receives the best care and meets the standard requirements for schools and sports programs.

To schedule your child’s school physical, call the office or book an appointment online today. You can also walk in to the clinic anytime.